Tuesday, 28 September 2010



I have finally arrived and settled somewhat in the beautiful Altkirch, France.
There's so much to say, I'm not sure I will remember it all!

I'm living in a lovely apartment on the school grounds - no internet yet, but its big, with a tv and a garden, with a CORN FIELD behind it! I officially live in the countryside! Apparantly I have to look out for wild boars...

My coordinateur Chantal is the head of English and is so lovely - I went for dinner at her house on my first night and her and her husband Patrick made me such tasty food, and are just generally so welcoming - Chantal took me to the bank today, and Patrick is going to help me set up my internet and get a mobile phone - yay technology!

As far as language goes, I feel like I'm coping ok - people talk nice and slowly to me, and seem to understqnd what I'm saying.
However, I have been doing a lot of smiling, nodding and saying "oui, oui", which has worked a treat in hiding the fact that I don't know what anyone's talking about
I may or may not have agreed to organise a film festival in the town? im unclear on the details but i definitely said yes to something...

I'm totally exhausted so I'm giving up for now, pictures will be arriving soon though, I promise!
Once I get proper internet for myself I will be updating like a fiend, every time anything of any importance whatsoever happens :)

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