Monday, 20 September 2010

not long now...

Oh god oh god oh god. There is officially no where near enough time left in my life before I MOVE TO FRANCE!!

I keep thinking that I've finished packing, but then remember that i don't have towels/peanut butter/enough thick socks/Welsh memorabilia, so have to add to the several lists I've strewn around the house that say REMEMBER OR DIE!!

It's just that feeling that ANY CIRCUMSTANCE could occur, therefore I could feasibly need a bikini/sleeping bag/monopoly set.
I have to be firm - put that down Alice, France is not a third world country, there will be bread, etc..

Today I called my school's gestionnaire (administrator of some sort), which I was rather afraid of doing - I know that I could say what I need to say, the issue could just be understanding what they were saying to me!
It all turned out ok though, and the kind lady on the phone told me I can get my key for the apartment they're giving me in the lycee at 8am (gulp!) on monday.

I feel so very relieved that I have a place to stay - I'll be sharing an apartment within the lycee grounds somewhere with the German assistant and possibly a Spanish one, which will be great as we'll all be young and in the same situation, and hopefully the common language will force us to speak French all the time. For only 7 euros a night, with plates and a TV apparently included, seems like quite a deal to me.

More updates as the big day gets closer!!


  1. Hey, I'm another assistant, stalking your blog, that's so rad that you have a place to stay! Good luck with packing, and have a safe trip!

    Definitely bring the monopoly set, I forgot mine and I've been a complete wreck without it.

  2. hey, thanks! i am currently struggling to find a way to pack the obscure things like board games into the limited space in the car!